Alessandro Nilo

Global Macro Investment Strategist

Alessandro Nilo is an investment professional with over 15 years of experience as a strategist and portfolio manager in Euromobiliare AM Global Wealth Advisory.
He is specialising in global-macro investments, cross asset research, tactical asset allocation as well as systematic/quantitative approaches to investing with experience of both G10 and EM worlds.
In addition to this, he is responsible for writing and producing high quality monthly, weekly and daily investment strategy documents on all asset classes (fx, commodities, fixed income, equity) intended for HNWI, asset manager and private bankers.
Thanks to his academic education, Alessandro holds advanced programming skills in VBA, Python, C# (.NET), Equilla and EasyLanguage. Among his everyday tools he makes extensive use of technical analysis to determine the stock selection, trading signals, asset allocation and global tactical investment positions.




Exploit the potential of technical analysis of macroeconomic trends

In over 160,000 academic publications contained in the Financial Economic Network (FEN) of SSRN eLibrary and among the numerous publications of the Institutional Investor Journals (IIJ), there are still no studies that have applied classic technical analysis indicators to the macroeconomic series. In this thesis we highlight the potential of various technical analysis methods (momentum, moving averages, breakout channels, deviation from trends) applied to the trends of the main US macroeconomic indicators (purchasing managers index, inflationary pressures, labor market data) and to their actual releases versus the economistsā€™ expectations (positive / negative surprises), in order to obtain trading ideas and / or actively adjust a portfolio’s tactical asset allocation (TAA) across an array of asset classes. With this research, which can be extended in multiple directions, we want to open up a new approach to innovative methods of applying technical and evidence-based analysis to economic data with the intention of taking the professional figure of the macro analyst to the next level. Moreover, digitalization has accelerated financial dynamics for which it needs every macro analyst to be equipped with new systematic approaches that make it possible to become more operational in the global markets.