Alessandro Palagi

SIAT Member. Independent Trader

Born in Milan, great-grandson of Dino Lora Totino, pioneer of cable cars and the Mont Blanc tunnel, Alessandro Palagi was passionate about technical matters from an early age.
He graduated in Economics and Business at the University of Pavia with an excellently received monetary economics thesis entitled “The Theory of Financial Instability in Hyman P. Minsky’s Analysis” immediately combining the analysis of economic theory with the technical study of price movement in markets.
In 1992 before the Italian lira and the British pound left the ERM he began to operate on the foreign exchange forward markets and hedged the private portfolio he managed against the currencies’ loss of value. From that day on, he began a thorough study of markets and started to work for Sidauto s.p.a in management control and exchange rate risk.
Since 1995, he has been managing the portfolio of his family in equity, fixed income, commodities and currencies with derivative instruments and various types of trading.
Working together with well known international traders he monitors financial markets with constant updating techniques and operating tools. He has been a customer of TradeStation since 1996, CQG since 2000 and he has expertise in using many CQG Third-Party-Studies and various Technical Analysis software.
Starting with the participation at the Futures Symposium International in Milan and Las Vegas from 1996-98, he attended the IFTA Annual Conference 2006 in Lugano and many seminars around the world in the USA, UK, France and the Netherlands. He was a seminar lecturer for Advanced GET, SIAT, CQG and he is a Professional Member of SIAT, the Italian Technical Analysis Society.




Inertial Artificial Intelligence.
IAI System and the 4As (Advanced Adaptive Acceleration Algorithm)

The purpose of the speech is to describe an automatic procedure to identify how, in a few seconds, to select the best trade location in a rigorous mechanical management steps sequence, allowing traders to select trades with the lowest adverse excursion probability.
“Market inertia” is the cornerstone of this automatic procedure, the result of a 20 year-year-old, multi spectrum, multidisciplinary quest.
The concrete outcome is an algorithm that understands market behaviors in a completely mechanical way.
The core of the IAI system is designed to stress concavity and convexity of oscillators curves structure, so as to focus on critical market points and to extract priority levels of inertial inflections as market set ups.
The management dynamic engine is the synchronization between algorithm and market curves.
If we connect these “inertial” set ups to triggers, in an objective information flowchart, without any reliance on myth or magic, traders can get the maximum result with minimal efforts.
Over time Alessandro has selected and tested many different trading techniques, and in his view the old saying “trend is our friend” is now definitely outdated. The new mantra for the professional trader in the following decades will be: “inertia is your friend”!