Andrea Pezzi

CEO & Founder Gagoo Group

CEO&Founder Gagoo Group – Founder and majority shareholder of Gagoo Group, a holding company whose aim is to develop innovative projects. The company holds two operative companies: TheOutplay, a technology platform which, being integrated with the most important European online publishers, manages the video contents through an innovative and efficient business model. The consumer division of the company maintains two of company’s own sites, and The other operative company within the Group, Myntelligence, operates in data market offering Data Intelligence Solutions for digital advertising to some of the most important MNC. Undisputed innovator since he was twenty, when he started his career in radio and TV industry, Andrea played the roles of anchorman, director and producer gaining great popularity in his Country. Journalist and opinionionist for top newspapers, counsultant for multinational brands and media agencies, Andrea is also author of two books and international lecturer in humanistic science, media and communication. Passionate about classic art, Andrea loves to spend his free time painting.




The waves of a real digital transformation

Innovation technology is changing the world by compelling human being to reconsider the work started by existential philosophers of the 20th century. We will not be overtaken by robots, if we refer to Darwin’s theories, only if we can really succeed in solving the critical problem of knowledge. If the scenarios suggested by the American culture range from Humanoid Robotics to Transhumanism then, further solutions might be needed in the debate of the future of mankind. We must figure out humankind as an open project and to seize the Nature Project besides any program code. The human being is not the starting point of technological progress but it is somewhat the finish line of something greater.