Dan Valcu

Founder of Educofin Market Consultants

Dan Valcu is the founder of Educofin Market Consultants, a service that provides statistical services related to financial markets. After a career as an Information Technology consultant covering banks, insurance, utilities, and the United Nations system, he switched to trading markets in the late 90’s.
Starting his research in the spring of 2003, he was the first author to bring from Japan and promote in the West the heikin-ashi technique both as a visual and quantifiable instrument in 2004. As a result, heikin-ashi has today a wide base of traders and investors and is a component of many technical trading platforms. He also authored two books on heikin-ashi and its applications in trading and investing. Dan was invited to hold speeches in Italy, Russia, and the Republic of Moldova.
Dan develops and advises on trading and investing strategies based on the heikin-ashi technique combined with other visual techniques.
His articles and studies have been published in Technical Analysis for Stocks & Commodities, Trader’s Magazine, and other periodicals in the technical analysis community.
Dan served on the Board of the International Federation of Technical Analysis for six years and holds the professional designation of a Certified Financial Technician. Besides the regular services, he offers training and educational services in technical analysis and risk management.




AI, ML, DL in Trading and Investing: The New Road That Lies Ahead.

The 4th Industrial Revolution has already started with a Big Bang. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) are terms – often confusing – attached to a fashionable trend used to get (more) leverage in trading and investing. It is the next step morphing from the widely spread systematic trading/investing approach. Although in its infancy, this new way based on AI concepts and principles is already popular, promising results with the use of better and more complex algorithms. Being new, the approach has a strong flavor of marketing specially injected to attract interest and resources.
The presentation will focus on a number of techniques together with steps required to complete the process successfully. It will also highlight the (strong) noise that is an important issue for those intending to go down this path. Similar to the systematic trading, this new approach navigates through a mine field that may discourage those new to this business or generate false expectations. The presentation will try to separate marketing from facts, pointing to what may be valid and what may derail costly efforts.