Ferdinando Ametrano

Professor of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies at Politecnico di Milano and Milano-Bicocca University

Prof. Ferdinando Ametrano teaches “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies” at Politecnico di Milano and Milano-Bicocca University. Former Head of Blockchain and Virtual Currencies in Intesa Sanpaolo bank, he is member of the Scaling Bitcoin Planning Committee and has been Chairman of Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan. His academic research focuses on price stability, advocating automated non-discretionary elastic monetary policy for a new generation of cryptocurrencies (Hayek Money).
He is also founder and co-administrator of the QuantLib project, a comprehensive free/open-source software framework for quantitative finance and teaches Interest Rate Derivatives as Adjunct Professor at the Milano-Bicocca University.




Bitcoin As Investment Asset

Bitcoin is introduced as being a crypto-commodity more than a crypto-currency, making the point about its ambition of being the digital equivalent of gold. For the first time in digital realm, there is a scarce asset that can be transferred but not duplicated, inflated, or manipulated. With its track record of amazing returns, bitcoin has of course experienced proportionate risks; as a new asset class, bitcoin should be considered as investment even just for the sake of diversification.