Ivano Menabue

SIAT Member. Entrepreneur

Ivano Menabue, born in 1958 and with electronic education, operates on financial markets since 1982 also for institutional investors.
The deep knowledge developed in classic and algorithm/ quantitative technical analysis enables him to combine this more consolidated approach with the peculiarities of Artificial Intelligence (both genetic and neural), in the creation of a proprietary Big Data of Operating Behavioral Finance that acts as basis for the intellectual and technological architecture.
This results in a set of innovative, original and exclusive tools to monitor buyers/ sellers volumes in any financial platforms and products available across markets globally.
Entrepreneur since finished the studies, in 2008 Ivano realized a proprietary platform of analysis, founded on the strategic information emerging from this peculiar architecture, which is currently the focus for sharing technical contents and operating partnerships.
He was Chairman of “SIAT” (the Italian official Association for Technical analysis and Analysts) between 2007 and 2016, and lecturer in several Italian and international specialized events.




Artificial Intelligence to assess buyers/sellers volumes and 20-years lasting Big Data of market behaviors as pillar for stable and strong standing in Asset Management

The generation of the original intellectual and technological architecture will be explained starting from the criticalities of the traditional Technical Analysis and specifying the concept of “Intelligence” underpinning in the markets compared to what often is referred to improperly.
Details on the most relevant features of Artificial Intelligence, its challenges and potential mitigations will be provided, with reference to specific applications. The actual value added from the Artificial Intelligence will be then considered in relation to the joint application with Technical Analysis (and vice versa).
The resulting architecture will help us to discuss the markets dynamics of the last 20 years analyzed in the Big Data archive. For the first time ever, we’ll be showing live a “strength test” originally designed to probe the robustness of the provided strategies.
Several graphs will be shown during the presentation with practical operating examples to finally provide cause for reflection on the main equity global markets and crypto currencies.