Koki Nozawa

MFTA. Salesperson at Machida branch

    Koki Nozawa graduated from the Economics Department of Chuo University and joined a stock company affiliated with banks where he started his career as a salesperson at its Ogikubo Branch. He was then transferred to the Domestic Stocks Section of the Investment Advisory Department and his responsibility includes investors’ inquiry services, data distributions and other services relating to the domestic stocks. Then he got MFTA (Master of Financial Technical Analysis) by Contrail index (It is a technical analysis of three-dimensional coordinates which aims to address various patterns of investors’ phycology and to signal the timing of buying and selling stocks) in 2015. On March 2017, he was transferred to the Machida Branch. He has a reputation for using lots of technical analyses (Oscillator analysis, trend analysis, or volume analysis and so on) efficiently according to the market trend. Then he was transferred to Machida branch and work as a salesperson.




    Koki Volume Price Curves(KVPCs).A Model for Analysis of Trends in Trading Volume

    He talks about a model named Koki Volume Price cures, or KVPCs. It is a model he has developed for analyzing trends in the trading volume of a stock or other tradable financial asset. It is named after his given name, Koki. It is formed by plotting the trading volume of a stock or security, on the x axis and its price on the y axis like a Counter-Clock Curve. But he thinks the Counter-Clock Curve can not capture all market trends. For this reason, he developed the more comprehensive KVPC model. And it has 12 pattern models. He calls these patterns the KVPC model. He think every trendline of a stock or other tradable financial asset showing an uptrend or downtrend falls into one of these 12 patterns. By understanding exactly where the KVPC is moving, you can anticipate how the stock price is likely to move in a more visual and clear fashion.