Matteo Maggioni

SIAT Member. Institutional trader on commodity markets and Co-founder of Quant01

Graduated in Economics of Institutions and Financial Markets at Catholic University of Milan, member of the IFTA and SIAT, Matteo is currently an institutional trader on commodity markets.
He has also matured a specialization in derivative instruments on equity and bond indices, using only a quantitative approach.
Since 2012 he deals with crypto currencies and blockchain, both as trader and trainer.
Lecturer for FinecoBank SpA, one of the leading banks in Europe, and for the order of Engineers of Rome. He has held numerous conferences on trading in Italy and abroad, including Expo of Borsa Italiana, Salone del Risparmio, ITForum and Rotary Club.
Author of various publications, including “Bitcoin Revolution”, edited by Hoepli.
He is a co-founder of Quant01, startup operates in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cloudminingbiz and Coinbiz, startups operate n the field of crypto currencies.




A new asset for Traders and Investors: Cryptocurrencies R-Evolution

We are on the threshold of an epochal change that will involves main aspect of our life.
Basically, we are shifting from a centenary old centralized system that has control on “data”, money and knowledge to a decentralized and distributed world based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. We are at the beginning of a new renaissance and the world as we know today will never been the same. Artificial intelligence will be the main drive to solve the human inefficiency to analyze situations and take smart decisions and blockchain will be the public ledger for everything that need to be certified and stored. Blockchain technology behind digital currencies has the potential to improve central banks’ payment and clearing operations, and possibly to serve as a platform from which central banks might launch their own digital currencies.
On the other hand, artificial intelligence will allow people and company to optimize processes by making them faster, safer and smarter. The human component will inevitably be resized. This will also have a clear impact on the trading sector. It has long been about automated systems both to generate orders and to monitor the risks, but now more than ever, it is moving from theory to practice. In this conference, we will try to bring you in the future, talking about these concepts and also demonstrating how artificial intelligence can be used to build specific models of trade in the field of crypto currencies.