Mohd Redza Sazali

Portfolio Manager at Phillips Capital Management

Mohd Redza is a Portfolio Manager at Phillips Capital Management managing private client fund.
He started his career as an Equity and Futures Derivatives representative at RHB Investment Bank in 2012. His experience in Futures Commodity market lead him to focus on working towards the development of Algorithmic Trading System and Intraday trading programmes in commodity trading. He has been invited to more than hundreds of seminar to share his knowledge on different aspect of technical analysis and trained more than 3000 individuals. Redza is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and a full Member of United Kingdom Society of Technical Analyst (STA).




The Future of Techniacl Analysis : from Algo to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since the rise of Algorithmic Trading, many asset managers move towards automated system to minimise market impact and risk in execution. Technical Analysis is one of the primary methodology has been use develop high probability trading system. Thousands of automated system explored and developed ever since. So what’s next? Can we tell the difference between Algorithmic Trading and Artificial Intelligence trading system? Will AI able to self-adjust itself to fit changing market condition?