Rolf Wetzer

PhD, MFTA. CEO of Ghiribizzo GmbH

Rolf Wetzer is past president of IFTA. He started working for IFTA in 2007, became a board member in 2009 and finally president in 2012. He redesigned the CFTe syllabus, was the editor of the IFTA journal and is heading the MFTA program since 2011. He is a member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT) and the prestigious German Statistical Society (DStatG). Rolf is a portfolio manager with a twenty-year track record of managing institutional and private assets, heading teams and trading successfully proprietary money within major financial institutions. Currently he is CEO and co-founder of Ghiribizzo, a company specialized in algorithmic trading of proprietary money. He designed favorable quantitative investment strategies and products and specialized in position sizing. He also lectures these topics at universities. He was awarded by the VTAD (German TA society) as best German Technical Analyst in 2006 and was runner up in 2007. As a frequent speaker on financial and management topics he presented globally in 5 continents. Rolf holds a PhD in Econometrics and graduate degrees in Business Administration and Management from both Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and Toulouse Business School (France).




Trend Hierarchy. A simple algorithm to detect order in market structure

Detecting trends is the core ingredient of every trading program. Legions of technical analysts have published studies on the current state of market trends. Furthermore, every legend in Technical Analysis – like Dow, Elliott or Wilder – has developed his own trend definition or a method to describe the prevailing market structure. It seems that we know everything about trends: direction, speed, slope, significance and major points within the movement. And yet we still differ more often than not about the markets. This presentation describes a simple algorithm to depict trends of different orders and length. It is explained in detail and can be done in MS Excel. It is intuitive in a sense that most of us would agree on the basic idea and the outcome. A range of possible application to analysis and trading is given and discussed.